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- - - Axiel Gaming Community - - - Who are we? Axiel was originally a small VTC with big plans under a previous name. We started as a small group of friends doing convoys weekly but then decided to launch a VTC. At first we started as a VTC in only ETS2 but now we have many different divisions within our large community. Axiel is a relaxed community and we have no limitations like most other's. With our VTC, you do the load when you want! What divisions does Axiel have? Currently we have 7 divisions: Euro Truck Simulator 2 VTC American Truck Simulator VTC Farming Simulator 2017 Server Minecraft Server Rocket League Sea of Thieves Movie Night Division What makes us different? Our aim at Axiel is to build a friendly and relaxed community where the members aren't limited to what they "have" to do. If you join our VTC you can join both the ETS2 & ATS divisions or just one. Its totally optional. Also, If you join the VTC you get a free pass to our Farming Simulator Server and a few other divisions. In both our ETS2 & FS17 divisions we have our own custom mods to make your experience more enjoyable! These mods work on both Single and Multiplayer. We also have a fun and engaging Minecraft server called Axiel Craft. We are always updating the server to fulfil the needs of the community. Our community is very close and everyone you will see is friendly. We are always adding new features and running the community how you want. We have a great ticket system in place so you can ask any questions or submit ideas and you will get a reply within 24 hours! That is a guarantee. With our multiple voice chats in our discord, Someone to talk to is never far away. Even if you don't play games, Why not head on over to Axiel Gaming. We are a friendly bunch and you will defiantly make some friends for life!
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I love being part of almost every division in axiel gaming and also being on the CC team and the Media team, this is the most relaxed community you will ever be part of, i love working with everyone! Why dont you join us on this amazing journey with the link above!