Hey Im Casey!

Hey There Random Person, and welcome to my mix up of a website, i take it you came here to find out about me? no? oh of ya pop then. And the people that want to know more then here it is...Im Casey/Explosion 20/DJ Explosion and i own a YouTube channel and a Photography Business "CC Photography" I like to think I work hard, and want to grow up into the media business or own a landscaping business, Im 13 years old and love to inspire people, or I try...I DJ At Truck Sim FM in my spare time, My hobbies are...YouTube, streaming, web development, woodworking and Mountain Biking! Along with trying to keep up with school work...the joys of being a 13 year old...If you would like to find out more, pop me a email with your name and question to
or hit me up on twitter @Explosion_20, hope this is enough :)

Here's A Dodgy Picture Of Me With My Beauty!

And Here's One Of Me On My Bike!

I could carry on with pictures, but i dont want your eyes to start bleeding, im outta here...